About Our Parish

About Blessed Trinity Catholic Church

In March of 1974, the east side of Greenville County was experiencing what would be the first of many surges in population growth and it became evident that another Catholic church was urgently needed in the Greer-Taylors area.

Initially known as “The Greer-Taylors Endeavor,” the community met on Saturday evenings at Grace United Methodist Church in Greer. After a few months, the people from the Taylors area started meeting at Lee Road United Methodist Church while those from the Greer area continued to meet at Grace Methodist for 11 years.

The Taylors group developed into what is now Prince of Peace Catholic Church located on Brushy Creek Road in Taylors and the Greer group developed into what is now Blessed Trinity Catholic Church located on River Road in Greer. Greer, located between Greenville and Spartanburg, continues to be a fast growing area in Upstate South Carolina.

As the grateful guests of Grace Methodist for 11 years, Blessed Trinity parishioners gradually and naturally developed an ecumenical attitude. As a natural extension of the relationship with the Grace Methodist community, the parish became very active with Greer Community Ministries, a group of churches of various denominations united to serve the needs of the elderly and the poor in the greater Greer area. This ecumenical tradition continues.

Many parishioners at Blessed Trinity are from regions outside of South Carolina. Throughout the years, parishioners have come from all over the United States & Canada, Mexico, as well as various countries in Central & South America, reflecting the Church’s catholicity.

The parish offers English & Spanish language Masses on a weekly basis. As a culturally diverse parish, we all continue to learn from each other, striving to be a true reflection of the Church´s universality.  Diverse in our cultures, yet we are one in Christ and the Church´s mission.

Blessed Trinity Catholic Church

 901 River Road, Greer, SC 29651
 (864) 879.4225
 (864) 655.5140
 (864) 879.4261

Mass Schedule

Saturday: 5 pm (English); 7 pm (Spanish)
Sunday: 9:30 am (English); 12 pm (Spanish)
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday: 9 am
Thursday: 11:30 am

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